Save jobs

Agriculture supports 35% of our jobs, year after year.
Measure C prioritizes ag/commercial/industrial again.

Save taxes

Rural subdivisions cost $2 for every $1 generated.
Housing in the cities pays its own way.

Save home values

We have enough empty houses and lots for 30 years,
developers are still buying up farmland for new towns.

Save our way of life

Do you like where our county is headed?
Where will future generations’ food come from?
Take back government to preserve our quality of life.

Proven policy

Similar measures in other counties are so successful
they have been re-enacted by voters for decades, with
strong support from city councils and supervisors.
Measure C allows for farmer and low-income housing.

Sun-Star: Survey Shows Merced County Voters Supporting Farmland Initiative


To read on the Sun-Star website, click here. By JONAH OWEN LAMB A majority of Merced County voters said they would vote for a slow growth initiative in November — Measure C — and that the Board of Supervisors has failed to control growth responsibly in the past. That, at least, is a summary of a Measure C opposition...
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Q&A about Measure C


What is Measure C? A county measure requiring voter approval to convert agricultural zoning to residential zoning when outside city limits, until 2040. Why do we need it? Our Supervisors will make better decisions with citizen oversight. Residents and farmers are fed up with Supervisors’ decisions to approve sprawling developments that double-tax city residents and impact farmers’ rights to...
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Developers given rein


Supervisors locked in a 20 year extension on old rules as a favor to developers. The Merced County Board of Supervisors continues to cow-tow to outside developers at the expense of smart planning and taxpayers' pockets. On Tuesday, they unanimously voted to exempt the Villages of San Luis development, a project with no water and built on our pristine Westside...
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