Empowering the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

We're dedicated to protecting vital farmland and supporting farmers and ranchers to ensure a sustainable future for Montana.

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The Problem

Farmland is a finite resource that is rapidly disappearing.

Land is quickly changing hands due to farmers aging out or leaving farming due to burnout or economic stress.

Starting a farming
business is expensive.

Farmers and ranchers lack the startup capital and access to affordable land and equipment to start a farming business.

We've lost the infrastructure
to feed ourselves.

3% of the food consumed by Montanans is produced in Montana, putting us at risk as disruptions to the food supply arise.

Our Model for Impact


Land Protection

Acquire critical pieces of farmland near the city
center and transition them to true, regenerative
agriculture practices.


Farmer & Rancher Support

Provide affordable access to land,
resources, and business support.


Community Integration

Create opportunities for residents and
farmers to engage in an enriching way.


The Voerman
Farm Hub

On our first 40 acres of rescued farmland, Save Farmland will create a regenerative farm incubator to give new farmers access to affordable land, resources, and mentorship to help them hone their skills and launch sustainable farm businesses while practicing stewardship farming.

  • Acquire land

  • Stand up operational plan

  • Break ground on farm plots


Impact Timeline

Our vision for a program rollout will create impact quickly
while growing sustainably and learning from the community.

Phase 1 | SUMMER 2025

Activate 5/40 acres of the Voerman Farm Hub

  • Install fencing, water and power infrastructure for 10, 1/2 acre farm plots
  • Build Farm Hub barn to serve all hub farmers
  • Purchase critical tools and equipment
  • Hire farm manager
  • Begin planting mixed berries and fruit orchard
Phase 2 | SUMMER 2027

Scale farming capacity and facilities

  • Develop 10 additional 1/2 acre plots that allow existing farmers to increase their plot size
  • Construct a large multi-use community building
  • Add a commercial kitchen with food processing space
  • Add multimedia classrooms for farmer and community instruction
  • Create cold and dry food storage for hub and community use
Phase 3 | SUMMER 2028

Full community integration

  • Develop a network of walking paths and community gardens
  • Host Farmer's markets and offer food subscriptions.
  • Create a demonstration garden for community learning
  • Offer classes, events, cooking activities

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